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Treatment of Abdominoplasty Tissue Deficiency Using TransCu O2®

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Plastic Surgery, Phoenix, AZ

Patient: 26 year old female suffering from soft tissue deficiency following an elective abdominoplasty

Wound History: Duration of tissue deficiency present for more than 60 days prior to Continuous Diffusion of Oxygen (CDO) Therapy

Medical History: History of daily tobacco use

Previous Therapy: Daily wet to dry dressing changes

Treatment: CDO set at 10 ml/hr using OxySpur® Oxygen Diffusion Dressing

Days on Service: 50 days total- 35 days to heal, followed by 15 additional days to build tensile strength and reduce scarring

Outcome: Goals met. Tissue healed. High patient satisfaction

“I am so glad I used the [EO2] device after my tummy tuck. It was lightweight, comfortable and easy to wear. It didn’t bother me at all. The OxySpur® Dressing was easy to apply and you couldn’t see it under my clothes. Honestly, I thank God for the TransCu O2®. I don’t know what I would have done without it.”
– Patient AM, Age 26, Phoenix, AZ

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