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Treatment of Non-Healing Diabetic Foot Ulcer with CDO

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Phoenix, AZ

Patient: 51-Year-old male suffering from non-healing Diabetic Foot Ulcer on right lateral foot

Medical History: Vascular disease, diabetes, obesity/emaciation/nutritional deficits

Treatment: 2 TransCu O2® units set at 10 ml/hr paired with OxySpurTM Oxygen Diffusion Dressing.Initially used with Hydrofera Blue*, Endoform* (both used to fill wound depth). During the last 4 weeks of CDO treatment, only the OxySpur Dressing was used directly on the wound bed.

Treatment: Wound reached full closure in 100 days with CDO therapy. Patient was DC’d by
physician as: Goals met

Below is a series of pictures showing the sequence of healing using Continuous Diffusion of
Oxygen (CDO) Therapy from initial application of the TransCu O2® System through complete healing.

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