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Treatment of Traumatic Shin Wound using TransCu O2®

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Dr. Rena D. Pine

Wound Nurse: Kathy Brown, RN, MN, CWOCN, Rochester, New York

Patient: 72 year old female with a traumatic wound on left shin

Age of Wound: 180 days

Medical History: Altered mental/mobility, dementia, aphasia, anxiety, tremors, HTN, osteoporosis, A Fib, edema

Previous Treatment: Moist wound therapy, TenderWet®, Aquacel®, Santyl®

Treatment: TransCu O2® set at 5-8 ml/hr using an OxySpurTM Diffusion Dressing

Days on Service: 77 days

Outcome: Wound healed. High patient and facility satisfaction

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