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On December 26, 2019 the DMEMACs (Contractor to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) published a proposed LCD DL33797 which concluded that CDO was not “reasonable and necessary” for healing your wounds. If this policy is finalized, Medicare will not cover or pay for CDO therapy in the future.

EO2 respectfully requests that if you have experience with our therapy that you participate in the public comment period with a written opinion how the EO2 technology has impacted you. This is an opportunity to let CMS know that you want this technology available to all patients suffering from non-healing wounds. Please submit your comments electronically to the DME MACs by sending an e-mail no later than February 10, 2020 at 5:00 PM EST/4:00 PM CST to:

We thank you for your support in our very long odyssey to get CDO therapy into the mainstream healthcare system. We are concerned that policymakers and other wound care stakeholders are treating this technology unfairly, and thus denying patients access to a lifesaving technology. Your input can make all the difference.


The EO2 Team

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